The life of the “RogerRover”

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Life’s Mountains vs Mankind

The hardest part of Mankind’s life is to be Adventurous, To Seek, To Explore, To dream And to do. These can be like running a Marathon straight up the side of Mount Everest. Winding us out before we hit mile marker one and giving up. Personally I am guilty of this  Analogy as when I was hit with MS in 2006 and Paralyzed for a while, I got winded with each step until I hit the top of  My own personal Mount Everest in my Personal Life and Left California.

To put it Lightly…One small step for me was taking giant leaps and bounds to regain my Past and Future….

… Even to this day , each step I take is an adventure in my journey of life.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The following are images of what I hope to see on my journey  across America and will eventually  replace these with my own. I hope I can get my eye for photography back and do  my Friend Deborah Brant some justice and get even one tenth of her skills.

Fall trees with snowy mountains

More test Eye Candy

If you enjoy the images above some more is in store for you below…

The video below is a test of how I will be able to insert my own, once I make a few with the ole go pro or drone.

He who stands on ones own foot, 

       ….will never be able to walk life’s path.

Roger Titus

Thanks for testing Gutenberg!


One Year in The Northwest, Second year at PIR

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Wow Time flies and Boy have I had one hell of a year since my last post. Let me begin by Saying thanks and giving thanks to those who helped me get on the road for my Journey, I could not have gotten here without all of you.   I would also like to put a shout out to my oldest sister Carole who I have always looked up to for emotional support and guidance through hard times, She has once again saved me from a train wreck in my life.


……………Derailed in Portland is the story of year one.   As soon as I finished the car sho in 2017 at PIR, my power steering went out in the Rogerrover. not cheap at all to do,  I did my best to get the money up to have it fixed and tried myself…but the leak got worse and the amount of money went up as well.   sooo six months later. with the help from my brother Curtis. the job went to an official mechanics shop and the replaced the power steering box and the power steering pump. along with a new radiator as well.. The truck is running great, up until Aug of 2018….one week ago before the PIR event. I lost the Crank Sensor. and got luck to make it home.. and replaced it in time to go to the show…. and what do you know…


And the peoples choice award in the discovery 2004 and below class goes to….Roger Titus and the Rogerrover.    The second Year in a row …first place in peoples choice….wow…who knew.


to summarize this past year, I’ve gotten to know the VA like an enema, they are a pain in the Ares.   they have reduced my pain meds by 60 percent…owwwwwiees everyday, making it harder for me to be the adventurer I wanted to be.. quality of life has gone down exponentially.

Social Security. gives and then takes away… half way through my year. some jack-wad from the other side of the country in a cubicle in a galaxy far far away. decided that I had earned way to much money from the amazon machine. and turned off my SSDI.    Scared the literal crap out of me. good thing I keep track off all paperwork from the amazon machine. and get it all settled. after wiping my backside. and got it reinstated.   thanks to the fair princess who took the time to go over my paperwork rather than the imperial guard at window b3 who just told me too bad I can appeal or just give in because the lobby was full and he had his quota to fill.   bad federal employee….badddd,.


so that’s the update for the year. I will be doing this more often.



For all those who have came to the site. thank you.,

Labor Day Blast at PIR.

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Hello all,

Well I’ve been in Oregon two weeks now, and have distressed so much already you all wouldn’t believe the difference it made so far. and Sleep…wow I have actually slept-slept for just the sake of sleeping and not from stress and or fatigue.  My stay at my sisters is going well, I got to pull a fast one on my mom who hasn’t seen me in over twenty years. I had her going for about ten minutes.

So Here we are at labor day weekend Im at Portland international Speedway at the Annual 2017 All British Car meet. you can check it out  here I entered my Rover in it under the rl-59 class for 2004 and older Discovery 2. I got there on Friday night did some schmoozing, set up my space and my tent on the Roger Rover. It was a very nice cool night for rest under the stars. Saturday all the cars started to roll in and there must have been well over 800 Cars of all British makes, from Rolls Royce, to lotus, MGS, Jaguar, Land Rovers and so on as well as British Motorcycle’s and race cars as well..

I must have walked over twenty miles on Saturday looking at all the cars, and watching the rally races on the track and slalom races too. It was around 95 to 100. cool for me coming up from Cali but hot for the locals, I stayed well hydrated with around ten bottles of water throughout the day,  Had a gyro for breakfast, some yakisoba noodles for lunch then the BBQ dinner after the awards were given. Then I broke down my area and went home late Saturday night.

I had so much fun also promoting the Cross country trip to hundreds of folks, They haven’t posted the results online yet for who won my class. but im keeping my eyes and fingers and toesies  crossed  for my trophy…I am thinking I won my class as most of the folks in my class said they all voted for me and liked my idea as well. I handed out over two hundred stickers to match the back windows on the rover with the web address as well as the gofundme campaign too.

Its Monday morning. I slept most of Sunday as I was exhausted.   I will post pictures soon.

Thank you for all the folks who have visited the site and I hope we get some new followers as well.

The best part of the show was my Best friend in the world, who I served with in the Air force came to the show and had dinner with me. Thanks John!!!




Day one in Oregon with my Family

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Hello Extended Family,

Today is my first day in Oregon. I had breakfast with my oldest sister this morning and  enjoyed my time with her. I haven’t seen my family for almost 20 years. so it will be fun moving forward in my trip. She has always been my rock in life when I need a shoulder.

Jake and Eva have been doing very well living outside in the yard and Eva the rescue dog has been super  with the kids at each stop. this is a precursor that she should do well no matter where we go.

Its been a long couple of days to get to Oregon and I’m very tired out. so ill see you all later.



I’m on the road.

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Hello world,

I would like to thank my family my friends and all our supporters on the internet who have helped make my trip possible. Your emotional support your kind caring words and all those who help financially I want to say thank you thank you thank you.


The journey called Rogers overland Adventure, started at midnight and I am currently halfway to Oregon, my first stop is to visit my mom and my sister and give myself situated in Oregon with my  in in all my Veterans Administration stuff.

I could not emphasize enough the importance of the freedom that I have set myself up to enjoy and hopefully help many veterans along the road if it was just for me I’d see in California but there are many ve who’s who’s PTSD and multiple sclerosis are much worse than mine so those are the souls we were trying to reach out to on our trip.

Will see you on the road

God bless

June Update 2017

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Who knew that wanting to become free from the system of rent/utilities/and endless bills was going to be so hard. I have been spending the past few months working n the rogerrover checking and rechecking all systems to make sure its drivable for long distance travel. The second hardest part of becoming free.. is getting rid of all material things that one has built up over a 25 year span of living in one area.


As a child I was used to moving every year or two being a military brat. we never got used to making friends, nor did we get used to having to many things of our own.  Then I joined the military and enjoyed moving around the world to different countries,  and seeing how other cultures lived. many are still nomadic in nature. but were fast becoming westernized and wanting the freedoms our country had shown the world.

I have never truly seen the USA in its birthday suit. uncluttered with the clothing of society and its buildings, its sprawling metropolis ever growing and covering up what’s left of our land..   This is what I truly desire to see the country of which I have dedicated my life to protect and serve those  cannot do so for themselves. against all enemy’s both foreign and domestic.

GoFundMe Sponsors

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Thank You to the Following for your Donations to the Gofundme Campaign.


  • John Shirron      1905th USAF Brother for Life
  • Debb Brant        1905th USAF Sister   for Life
  • Greg Michaud    1905th USAF Brother for Life
  • Steve Press       1905th USAF Brother for Life
  • Ludwig Becker   1905th USAF Brother for Life
  • Brian Allison      Land Rover Forums
  • Cemal Unal        Adopted Son from Turkey

GoFundMe Campaign

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Hello there. Yesterday I started up a Gofundme page,  I had to think long and hard about this and how I would put it out there to people. Please don’t think of this as cyber Pan handling as I Generally do not ask for any help from anyone without giving something in return for goods or services.   I believe in working for anything. So if you are kind enough to Donate to my Campaign the I will gladly come by your place on my Adventure if im in your local are and do some work around your house or on your car whatever I can to say thank you for your assistance. I have already received some funding and I feel blessed to have people assist me on this Adventure.    Thank You all who help.

Good Morning USA

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Each Morning we should all wake up with a clean slate and rewrite history with new adventures, events, travels, new friends, and just saying hello to old friends. My brother Russell and I are about to do some Adventure/Traveling and Overlanding. Overlanding  as they say to travel.  We were both former Military brats and also served in the Military as well. We have Seen and traveled the world and a bit of the USA.

Now as we are getting older and on fixed incomes, Rather than sit in a box and stare at 4 walls all day, We want to use our Income to Travel, and see all the sites our Great Country has to offer. Do some rock hounding and sell our gems at shows and the like.

I will do my best to enjoy life each day with my MS.

Jake the wonder dog and Eva the rescue dog will be joining us on our adventures as well. I hope to start my Blog soon and Keep all my friends and family and those with MS or are Vets who like to travel a place to sit back and relax over a campfire.      cheers mates.

We hope to see you on our USA Walkabout!

Roger T. and Russell C.