Good Morning USA

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Each Morning we should all wake up with a clean slate and rewrite history with new adventures, events, travels, new friends, and just saying hello to old friends. My brother Russell and I are about to do some Adventure/Traveling and Overlanding. Overlanding  as they say to travel.  We were both former Military brats and also served in the Military as well. We have Seen and traveled the world and a bit of the USA.

Now as we are getting older and on fixed incomes, Rather than sit in a box and stare at 4 walls all day, We want to use our Income to Travel, and see all the sites our Great Country has to offer. Do some rock hounding and sell our gems at shows and the like.

I will do my best to enjoy life each day with my MS.

Jake the wonder dog and Eva the rescue dog will be joining us on our adventures as well. I hope to start my Blog soon and Keep all my friends and family and those with MS or are Vets who like to travel a place to sit back and relax over a campfire.      cheers mates.

We hope to see you on our USA Walkabout!

Roger T. and Russell C.