Why MS Overlander USA?

Hello, My Name Is Roger, I Have been diagnosed in 2006 with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In 2007 I was re-diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis which is very Similar to MS only more Rare of a diagnosis.  As MS runs in my family and my Spinal fluid Tap was off the chart for MS markers.  I came to the conclusion I have MS and all my symptoms are that of MS as well.

My initial Exasperation was sudden onset paralysis from Thoracic T-5 down. and I had to re-learn to walk, I use a combination of  wheelchair, crutches, canes, a walker and my Mobility scooter. I even have a service dog Named Jake the wonder dog. Who now at almost 10 years old, has saved me on multiple occasions. Service animals  are misunderstood in society but to those who use them they are closer to us than family or friends and even spouses as they don’t judge humans they have no agenda, and its all pure love as to how to please its human.

My Younger Brother Curtis also has MS and is a miracle walking , talking, paraplegic. I am so thankful as I am sure his wife and children are as much as the rest of those who know Curtis, are  amazed at the medications effects to bring Curtis back to Life so he can be with his Spouse Becky (God bless her soul) and his children to whom he loves and cherishes with all his heart. I love you Brother I hope you can take time to Journey with me even for however small a time you can or wish to. Your always welcome.

I have decided that after 10 years of living with the symptom’s of MS, all the pain, anger, depression, and the side effects of all the medication, I have decided to go on an American Walk-a-bout, And have traded in all my Hot rods for a Land Rover Discovery and a Travel Trailer and I will as long as I can Travel the USA. and hopefully see a bit of the Canadian scenery or even go south of the border to catch some amazing surf.

I Need to do this for me and all who Suffer from diseases of the immune system like MS and hopefully give hope to others that life is still possible if we just make it happen. I am on a limited budget per month via Social Security so I will become a frugal traveler as well.

I will see you on My travels I hope you can post some of yours here as well.


Roger T.

MS Overlander USA

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