One Year in The Northwest, Second year at PIR

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Wow Time flies and Boy have I had one hell of a year since my last post. Let me begin by Saying thanks and giving thanks to those who helped me get on the road for my Journey, I could not have gotten here without all of you.   I would also like to put a shout out to my oldest sister Carole who I have always looked up to for emotional support and guidance through hard times, She has once again saved me from a train wreck in my life.


……………Derailed in Portland is the story of year one.   As soon as I finished the car sho in 2017 at PIR, my power steering went out in the Rogerrover. not cheap at all to do,  I did my best to get the money up to have it fixed and tried myself…but the leak got worse and the amount of money went up as well.   sooo six months later. with the help from my brother Curtis. the job went to an official mechanics shop and the replaced the power steering box and the power steering pump. along with a new radiator as well.. The truck is running great, up until Aug of 2018….one week ago before the PIR event. I lost the Crank Sensor. and got luck to make it home.. and replaced it in time to go to the show…. and what do you know…


And the peoples choice award in the discovery 2004 and below class goes to….Roger Titus and the Rogerrover.    The second Year in a row …first place in peoples choice….wow…who knew.


to summarize this past year, I’ve gotten to know the VA like an enema, they are a pain in the Ares.   they have reduced my pain meds by 60 percent…owwwwwiees everyday, making it harder for me to be the adventurer I wanted to be.. quality of life has gone down exponentially.

Social Security. gives and then takes away… half way through my year. some jack-wad from the other side of the country in a cubicle in a galaxy far far away. decided that I had earned way to much money from the amazon machine. and turned off my SSDI.    Scared the literal crap out of me. good thing I keep track off all paperwork from the amazon machine. and get it all settled. after wiping my backside. and got it reinstated.   thanks to the fair princess who took the time to go over my paperwork rather than the imperial guard at window b3 who just told me too bad I can appeal or just give in because the lobby was full and he had his quota to fill.   bad federal employee….badddd,.


so that’s the update for the year. I will be doing this more often.



For all those who have came to the site. thank you.,