Labor Day Blast at PIR.

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Hello all,

Well I’ve been in Oregon two weeks now, and have distressed so much already you all wouldn’t believe the difference it made so far. and Sleep…wow I have actually slept-slept for just the sake of sleeping and not from stress and or fatigue.  My stay at my sisters is going well, I got to pull a fast one on my mom who hasn’t seen me in over twenty years. I had her going for about ten minutes.

So Here we are at labor day weekend Im at Portland international Speedway at the Annual 2017 All British Car meet. you can check it out  here I entered my Rover in it under the rl-59 class for 2004 and older Discovery 2. I got there on Friday night did some schmoozing, set up my space and my tent on the Roger Rover. It was a very nice cool night for rest under the stars. Saturday all the cars started to roll in and there must have been well over 800 Cars of all British makes, from Rolls Royce, to lotus, MGS, Jaguar, Land Rovers and so on as well as British Motorcycle’s and race cars as well..

I must have walked over twenty miles on Saturday looking at all the cars, and watching the rally races on the track and slalom races too. It was around 95 to 100. cool for me coming up from Cali but hot for the locals, I stayed well hydrated with around ten bottles of water throughout the day,  Had a gyro for breakfast, some yakisoba noodles for lunch then the BBQ dinner after the awards were given. Then I broke down my area and went home late Saturday night.

I had so much fun also promoting the Cross country trip to hundreds of folks, They haven’t posted the results online yet for who won my class. but im keeping my eyes and fingers and toesies  crossed  for my trophy…I am thinking I won my class as most of the folks in my class said they all voted for me and liked my idea as well. I handed out over two hundred stickers to match the back windows on the rover with the web address as well as the gofundme campaign too.

Its Monday morning. I slept most of Sunday as I was exhausted.   I will post pictures soon.

Thank you for all the folks who have visited the site and I hope we get some new followers as well.

The best part of the show was my Best friend in the world, who I served with in the Air force came to the show and had dinner with me. Thanks John!!!