June Update 2017

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Who knew that wanting to become free from the system of rent/utilities/and endless bills was going to be so hard. I have been spending the past few months working n the rogerrover checking and rechecking all systems to make sure its drivable for long distance travel. The second hardest part of becoming free.. is getting rid of all material things that one has built up over a 25 year span of living in one area.


As a child I was used to moving every year or two being a military brat. we never got used to making friends, nor did we get used to having to many things of our own.  Then I joined the military and enjoyed moving around the world to different countries,  and seeing how other cultures lived. many are still nomadic in nature. but were fast becoming westernized and wanting the freedoms our country had shown the world.

I have never truly seen the USA in its birthday suit. uncluttered with the clothing of society and its buildings, its sprawling metropolis ever growing and covering up what’s left of our land..   This is what I truly desire to see the country of which I have dedicated my life to protect and serve those  cannot do so for themselves. against all enemy’s both foreign and domestic.